Psychological Operations in the Fitness Industry

When you hear the term psychological operations (psy-ops) you think of military operations but not the fitness industry. So what am I talking about?

Over the years, what we’ve seen on commercials, hear on the radio, and in various other marketing tools greatly contribute to what we think and believe about health and wellness.

Here are a few myths that we believe:

• Skinny is healthy

• Lean is the goal

• This surgery will give me a healthy life

• If I join this gym I’ll look like the person in the add

• This is the golden diet that will fill my desires

• Following these 5 steps will change my life

The psy-ops of marketing get into our subconscious and it is hard to rewrite those deeply planted beliefs. It plays on our emotions and desires to look and feel better. So we buy into this over and over again.

Truth: there is no one magic diet, exercise program, pill or shake. Those are all external and based on hopes that this will be the one, diet, exercise, or pill. The real change happens on the inside. It takes time, patience, and consistency. It starts with rewriting those deep-rooted false beliefs - to beliefs of grace and finding your life’s blueprint. This is the road less traveled but the one that will give you a healthy life and future.

As your coach, I help you sift through the competing beliefs and help you decide what works for you. Lets connect and start building your wellness blueprint.

Many Blessings, Coach Kim (210) 838-5699

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