Numbers, Numbers, Numbers: Do They Really Matter?

We are bombarded with numbers to measure success. But do they really matter? The answer, yes and no.

When you start on your wellness journey it is important to be aware of what you eat, your level of activity, your spiritual level, and your emotional state. This requires awareness of your daily routine and making a small change and seeing how your body reacts. No drastic measures are needed at the start.

Counting calories is not an exact science. The calories listed on labels and charts are an estimate and can be 20% off; higher or lower. So when you are starting you don’t need to go right to restricting calories. This comes into play later when your desire moves from wanting to move to want to improve. For now, just get started with small, simple, and doable changes.

Simply start by:

1) Putting 1/3 of your food back or take 1/3 less. Over 3 meals this could make a big difference when starting.

2) Drink more water. This does not mean going from barely drinking water to drinking a gallon a day. Simply start by adding a glass more a day.

3) Take a walk a day. This can simply be a walk around the block or walk for 5 minutes and turn around and walk back home. Nothing athletic, just get your body moving.

So at first, numbers don’t matter in respect to workout intensity, calories taken in, and heart rate zone. Push too much too fast and you will end up giving up quicker.

Finally, and most importantly, the change HAS to happen INSIDE first! You must start with your mind, then it flows to your heart, and then it will show in your choices and actions.

Many Blessings,

Coach Kim

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