Getting Real From The Start

Media and marketing paint a perfect picture. One that does not exist and sets unrealistic expectations. This is done by editing pictures, airbrushing, and other tactics to present a perfect image.

That leads many to believe they can do, be, or achieve the same. Only to find out that it was not real to begin with. You were made uniquely you and not like anyone else for a purpose.

You cannot digitally "touch up" life or airbrush happiness. It is tough at times. You speak from your heart so that is where change must take place first.

Shut off the television, put down the phone or tablet, stop spending hours on social media and walk out your front door and greet life. It's waiting for you to take that first step. There are amazing people on the other side of your front door.

This is the foundation of coaching with Fitness Kinektions. Getting to what is real. What will change your life and the life of those around you.

Let's connect and let the change begin!

Blessings, Coach Kim

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