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I'm Kim Meyers, Wellness Coach, Movement Specialist, and owner of Fitness Kinektions. Moving has been my great passion ever since high school, throughout my 26 years of service in the Air Force, and right up to the present day. My focus is to help you design habits that fit your best living.



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Change is a process, not an event.

It does not happen in a couple of monumental moments but in a thousand little moments. 

I loved learning about the body systems and how they all work together in her Accountability Course. I gained a great appreciation for how my body works to keep me going. I now have a full understanding of health and wellness beyond eating and exercising and developed a great passion for living a healthy lifestyle.


Kim’s valuable knowledge regarding eating, thinking, and moving is only eclipsed by her passion for helping real people make real, sustainable changes toward their own individual wellness goals.


Kim is SO much more than a fitness trainer. Check her credentials: 30+ years of professional training and degrees and military service. She listens to what I say and has simple adjustments that are easy to incorporate into my hectic schedule.


Kim is very dedicated to helping me become more aware of how my thoughts dictated my actions. This awareness has allowed me to make even the littlest of changes that result in big differences.


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